Thursday, April 07, 2011

Armored Security Transport

The name of your company is one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan. You need your company name to not only give customers an understanding of what your company does, but it also needs to be memorable so clients will call you when they have a need. If you own an armored security transport company, then you will need to develop a name that tells the story of your company but is also something that customers will remember. An armored security transport company name can be something direct and unassuming. If you choose to use the name “Armored Security Transport,” for example, then you are definitely telling the story of what your company does in the name. But that kind of a phrase is also a bit generic. When you create a generic company name, it tends to be forgotten easily by customers. There are a couple of ways you can use a generic armored transport name for your company and still make it something that clients will remember.

Armored Security Transport

The best way to make a generic name memorable is to market it as an acronym. For example, the name “Armored Security Transport” may be more effective if marketed as “A.S.T.” Once again, you need to be careful not to get too generic with the acronym as well. People remember the F.B.I. because those initials are not common, the same goes for IBM. However, the acronym A.S.T. may be too common for people to remember. To solve that problem, you incorporate the second element of developing a good name for your armored security transport company; your personal name.
The phrase “armored security transport” tells a story and gives customers something to remember. If your last name is Carson, then you can add your name to the company name to get “Carson’s Armored Security Transport.” Now you have something that sets your company name apart from the others, and the last name of Carson is easy enough to remember but also unique enough to stand out.

The acronym you create using your last name, in the case of Carson, becomes “C.A.S.T.” That is something that people can remember, and an acronym that you can use to market your company. You will have to develop marketing angles that tie the word “cast” to armored security transport, but once you have done that you can begin associating your acronym with your company.

Giving customers an easy name to remember helps your company to stand out from the rest of your competition. Using an effective acronym helps people to remember your company for future business. When you own an armored security transport company, your company name needs to be an effective marketing tool. When you bring together the right words, or create the right word with an effective acronym, then you are on your way to developing a company marketing scheme that will drive a healthy revenue stream. Spend some time on developing your company name, and be sure to try out your name ideas on friends and family members to get their opinions before making your final decision.

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