Thursday, February 02, 2012

Armored Car Service

One of the ways to help ensure the success of your business is to try and create as many revenue streams as possible. A company that does not experiment with multiple forms of income, especially those services that may seem out of the ordinary, runs the risk of becoming obsolete. Part of the imagination that moves industry forward is the desire to make money any way possible.
When you own an armored car service, you are going to start your business off with the standard service of transporting valuables and cash. Get out to as many banks, museums, jewelry stores, department stores and any place else that would have a need to transport valuables and cash, and provide them with a quote for your services.

One of the ways you can add a revenue stream to your cash and valuables business is to offer to do ATM support as well. In many cases, the armored car service companies that deliver cash to ATM machines also need to be able to support those machines and fix any problems. Hiring professional security agents that also have ATM support experience can help you to take on an entire line of business you may have had to forgo previously.

Thinking outside the box with an armored car service may seem like a difficult thing, but once you get your imagination flowing, it can become quite easy. One of the businesses you should consider is a novelty transport business. Rent your armored cars out to movie premiers where the producers want the movies to look important by having them transported by armored car. The same approach can be taken for album release parties thrown by rock bands, and the release of a highly anticipated video game.
During the Halloween season you can also offer your armored car service to people headed out to Halloween parties that really want to make an impact. The sight of a dozen zombies pouring out of an armored car is sure to make the local news, and that is free advertising for your company.

You can market your armored car company out to wealthy people that are anticipating a move to a new home, or that just want to move valuables from one place to another. This kind of private client could be a lucrative form of revenue for your company.
Armored Car Service
When celebrities and important people are looking to be safely transported to a location, they can choose to do so in a limo or rented SUV. But to make a big impact, and to offer the safest transportation available, you should market your armored car service as a personal transportation service to important people. You will need to create a comfortable seating area in the back of your vehicles to accommodate passengers, but if you can line up the business then the expense would be worth it.

There are many different ways to make money when you own an armored car service. If you want your business to survive and grow, then you will need to think of revenue streams outside of the norm. Once you start putting your armored cars out there for unconventional jobs, you will start to get referrals that could help your business to grow.

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