Friday, March 06, 2015

How Armored Trucks Work

When thinking about an armored truck probably one of those army drab green or sand color trucks will come to mind. These armored trucks protect men and women in the service of their country all over the world. Makes a person wonder about if other people and other occupations have armored trucks. We also know about the Cash in Transit armored trucks for Brinks, Loomis, and Wells Fargo companies. We know that law enforcement with their special agencies often use armored trucks. As it turns out there are many types of armored trucks. These armored trucks can be made to be used as tactical vehicles, special purpose vehicles, and civilian vehicles.

Armored trucks can and will be designed by the customers’ exact specifications, and designs are only given after personal discussion with potential customers to evaluate the particular needs. Customers’ operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that the truck yields maximum safety for both crew and cargo. Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored trucks require different protection.

Most of the armor is stainless steel, which will provide a virtual lifetime body that won’t wear out and can me remounted on a different chassis several times. Also most companies when making armored vehicles will use armor of aluminum, which provides customers higher payloads which in-turn reduces the overall gross weight of armored trucks.

One of the most important aspect of an armored truck is the quality of the maker of an armored trucks will have tested the armor. They will test it with the highest grade ballistics firearms. Hopefully they used for testing everything from a handgun, to a high-powered rifle and anything in-between. Armored trucks must be able to withstand the best of firearms, but also withstand the force from a car bomb or a roadside bomb. These are interesting times, and with terrorist behavior all over the world sometimes companies choose to drive armored trucks.

The needs for armored vehicles are diverse and demanding. The safety for the customer is top priority. The inside lining material is riveted in place to minimize body repair cost. The ballistic tested windshield is installed in channels for quick replacement. Seats are equipped with e-way retractable safety harness with ergonomically designed seat bases for maximum visibility, comfort and safety. The body of an armored truck is seam welded with rigid Z-bar constructed door frames.

What is more telling than the amount of lives saved by soldiers everywhere stationed in the most terrorist areas around the world? The USA Today reported that the performance of armored trucks have reduced the number of deaths from IEDs the weapon of choice in the Middle East. IEDs are Improvised Explosive Devices. The reduction of deaths has amounted to dozens of lives saved each month.

Whether you are in the market to protect your precious cargo, or need a cash truck the armored trucks are easily and readily available to the common man. If you need to carry passengers that are precious then you can find armored passenger trucks. These trucks provide superior protection while providing a low profile. The cost of an armored truck actually depends on the type and style you need. As I’ve researched these armored trucks you’ll find the cost from $90,000 to over $125,000 in U.S. currency.

The demand for armored trucks has risen. Armored trucks are more in use today, and by a diverse population.  They are no longer considered for military use, but cash trucks, hauling precious cargo as well as passengers. To find these Trucks are as easy as using a search engine and search for the terms “armored trucks. You’ll find many different types, and you’ll find new ones, used ones and even custom made armored trucks. First decide the purpose for the armored vehicle and then go shopping.

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