Friday, March 06, 2015

The Multiple Features on Bullet Proof Vehicles

As VIPs and wealthy billionaires ride around in their bulletproof vehicles, they see the world through tinted windows. That tinting represents but one of the multiple features on each bulletproof motored vehicle.

From the outside, motorists and pedestrians cannot detect the ability of a car to resist the impact of a speeding projectile. Transformation of a conventional car into an “attack ready” machine calls for replacement of the materials inside of the car’s side panels and doors. From the outside, that transformed vehicle has an unchanged appearance.

The bullet-stopping materials that get squeezed into the available space in the car’s side panels and doors are far heavier than what was originally used to fill that same space. That fact explains the need for another important feature, one found in every “attack-ready” set of wheels. That additional feature gets hidden under the hood. It is the vehicle’s extra powerful engine.

Of course, even the strongest doors and panels will be of little use, if an attacker aims his or her bullets at a conventional window. That is why creation of a bulletproof car includes installation of ballistic glass. The tinted nature of that glass does not contribute to its bullet-stopping powers. It simply ensures the privacy of the car’s well-protected occupants.

Introduction of bullet-resistant materials does not complete the production of a properly equipped form of motor-driven protection. In the 21st Century, such a machine must have a number of added features. For example, it should have a dependable alarm system, one that can send threatening attackers running away from their four-wheeled target. It might also respond to remotely controlled starting keys.

Additional items of importance in a well-equipped vehicle, one that promises protection from attackers, relate to that vehicle’s extra powerful engine. While resistance to bullets is a number one requirement on such vehicles, they also need to offer protection from bombs. Therefore, each of those four-wheeled machines should have an insulated fuel tank.

Finally, the reader must be alerted to one item that remains missing from bulletproof vehicles. That item is freedom from a potential attacker. None of these well-padded cars has been linked to claims that it can eliminate chances for an attack. In fact, the existence of potential attacks underscores the importance of each car’s largely invisible features.

The sort of people who purchase and ride in bullet proof vehicles, do not want to sit inside something that resembles a tank. While a tank would certainly hold off a legion of attackers, it would not convey the sort of message that a VIP or a wealthy billionaire normally wants to convey.

That explains why all the bullet-resistant materials remain invisible to passing motorists and pedestrians. At the same time, it reinforces the value placed on all the features that are introduced, during the extensive bulletproofing process. While items such as tinted glass and intercom systems cannot stop a speeding projectile, they help the car’s occupants to travel in an atmosphere of comfort and privacy.

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