Thursday, June 16, 2005

Special Car GAZ-2330 - New Russian Tiger

The Solid design, high passability and reliability of the car GAZ-2330 allow to use him(it) in any, even the most heavy condition. All, to whom was brought control the car, remain under strong impression from earthy remains and sought-after quality this without exaggeration to say "ferocious" machines. The Car in alike degree causes the alive interest as beside managers enterprise to oil branch, so and beside representatives military department.

The Specialist OAO "GAS" is designed car of the special purpose, which satisfies the most high requirements on rational design both externals forms, and interior for cars of such class. The New development answers all working requirements on reliability, safety, ecologies.

On car is installed turbo air-cooled diesel Cummins V-180 (USA) with mechanical gearbox. The Deskside of the car provides installing the more powerful engines by volume 6,0 litres as russian, so and foreign production.

New car GAZ-2330, equipped independent (torsion) by lavaliere all travell about, capable to move both on road of the general use, and off road. The High passability of the car promote the full drive travell about, increased road bright spot and automatic regulation of the pressure in bus. The Car is equiped with hydra by amplifier helmsmen management. Cargo-carrying capacity - 1,5 tons.

The integer of the row of the different awards was awarded On VII Moscow International car exhibition "MIMS-2002" car GAZ-2330, including in nomination "Best special car".

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