Monday, September 03, 2018

Titanium Falcon APC - Armored Personnel Carrier

Falcon-APC Armored Personnel Carrier can be deployed for various missions, peace keeping operations and convoy escort.Impressive power and handling make the Falcon equally suited to urban and off-road deployment, the vehicle offers excellent protection against both ballistic and blast threats with crew compartment protection of CEN Level BR6 / BR7 armor in various applications ranging from a battle field ambulance up to a fully armed direct fire vehicle.

Titanium Falcon APC - Armored Personnel Carrier

STREIT Group offers a wide range of extra additional features which can be integrated on the vehicle during manufacturing phase-guaranteeing total compatibility STREIT include: rocket launch systems, remote-controlled weapon stations, smoke-grenade launchers, night-vision high speed camera, fully integrated intercoms systems. Falcon-APC Armored Personnel Carrier can be deployed for various missions.

Armored Falcon APC

High quality multilayered glass with anti spall shield to protect against shattering of glass. 6 x viewing glass in the rear compartment (3 on each sides) and 1 x viewing glass in the rear door. Suspension components are reinforced to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle. 3 gun ports on each side of the vehicle.

Friday, March 06, 2015

How Armored Trucks Work

When thinking about an armored truck probably one of those army drab green or sand color trucks will come to mind. These armored trucks protect men and women in the service of their country all over the world. Makes a person wonder about if other people and other occupations have armored trucks. We also know about the Cash in Transit armored trucks for Brinks, Loomis, GardaWorld, Prosegur and Wells Fargo companies.

Garda Armored Car

We know that law enforcement with their special agencies often use armored trucks. As it turns out there are many types of armored trucks. These armored trucks can be made to be used as tactical vehicles, special purpose vehicles, and civilian vehicles.

Prosegur Armored Car

Armored trucks can and will be designed by the customers’ exact specifications, and designs are only given after personal discussion with potential customers to evaluate the particular needs. Customers’ operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that the truck yields maximum safety for both crew and cargo. Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored trucks require different protection.

The Multiple Features on Bulletproof Vehicles

As VIPs and wealthy billionaires ride around in their bulletproof vehicles, they see the world through tinted windows. That tinting represents but one of the multiple features on each bulletproof motored vehicle.

From the outside, motorists and pedestrians cannot detect the ability of a car to resist the impact of a speeding projectile. Transformation of a conventional car into an “attack ready” machine calls for replacement of the materials inside of the car’s side panels and doors. From the outside, that transformed vehicle has an unchanged appearance.

Bulletproof Vehicle Interior

The bullet-stopping materials that get squeezed into the available space in the car’s side panels and doors are far heavier than what was originally used to fill that same space. That fact explains the need for another important feature, one found in every “attack-ready” set of wheels. That additional feature gets hidden under the hood. It is the vehicle’s extra powerful engine.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Heavy Duty Truck Parts - Heavy Duty Toughness

Consumers who buy heavy duty trucks do so because they have a job to do. Heavy duty trucks are the workers of the automotive industry. They haul, carry, lift, and move heavy objects on a daily basis. Heavy duty trucks need the best heavy duty truck parts that are available. Heavy duty trucks have to be dependable and reliable to meet the demands of their drivers.

Armored Heavy Duty Truck

The best heavy duty truck parts do not bend or break under pressure. Differentials, door shafts, axles, fuel tanks, and radiators are just some of the truck parts that are necessary to keep a truck running smoothly. When you go out on your job, you want to be able to depend on your truck to carry the load.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

If your truck has low quality, flimsy parts, it is liable to break down just when you need it to perform the most. You can prevent this from happening by purchasing the correct parts for your vehicle.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Used Armored Cars For Sale

What kind of companies or people would be interested in used armored cars for sale? Once you can answer that question, you can then determine what kind of marketing to create and where to focus your marketing. Like any other vehicle sales marketing campaign, if you can determine your target audience in advance then you are better equipped to develop effective advertising materials.

Used Armored Cars For Sale

One of the obvious potential customers for used armored cars is security organizations that deal in the transportation of valuables and cash. It can be much more cost effective for a growing security company to buy used armored vehicles than used ones. One of the responsibilities of the seller in this case would be to make sure that the armored car meets the specifications of the buyer.

Garda Armored Car

Before offering to show a used armored car to a security company, ask them for a clear description of their specifications. If your vehicle meets the specifications, then you are able to show it. If it does not meet them, then you will need to discuss the differences with the buyer before showing the vehicle.

Armored Car

Other potential customers for used armored vehicles are personal security and bodyguard organizations. One of the ways that important people can be safely transported without bringing on attention is in an armored vehicle. Anyone wishing to do harm to the celebrity would not suspect that an armored vehicle that is marked as such would be carrying a human being.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Armored Car Service

One of the ways to help ensure the success of your business is to try and create as many revenue streams as possible. A company that does not experiment with multiple forms of income, especially those services that may seem out of the ordinary, runs the risk of becoming obsolete. Part of the imagination that moves industry forward is the desire to make money any way possible.

Brinks Armored Car Service

When you own an armored car service, you are going to start your business off with the standard service of transporting valuables and cash. Get out to as many banks, museums, jewelry stores, department stores and any place else that would have a need to transport valuables and cash, and provide them with a quote for your services.

One of the ways you can add a revenue stream to your cash and valuables business is to offer to do ATM support as well. In many cases, the armored car service companies that deliver cash to ATM machines also need to be able to support those machines and fix any problems. Hiring professional security agents that also have ATM support experience can help you to take on an entire line of business you may have had to forgo previously.

Armored Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard

Thinking outside the box with an armored car service may seem like a difficult thing, but once you get your imagination flowing, it can become quite easy. One of the businesses you should consider is a novelty transport business. Rent your armored cars out to movie premiers where the producers want the movies to look important by having them transported by armored car. The same approach can be taken for album release parties thrown by rock bands, and the release of a highly anticipated video game.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Armored SUV by Dartz Motorz

No reader of the classical tale Moby Dick can doubt the strength of the book’s central character, a huge, sea dwelling mammal. Therefore, it seems only right to underscore the connection between that fearsome whale and the armored SUV. One factory in Russia has helped to highlight that connection.

Dartz Kombat Armored Car

The Dartz Motorz turns out thousands of armored SUVs. Each of those vehicles has a grandissmus lining. The material in that lining comes from a part of the whale, a part often called the “cassock.” It happens to be the whale’s penis.

The unique lining in Dartz’ SUVs demonstrates the extent to which any of these large armored vehicles can be furnished with one or more accessories. Sometimes an armored SUV comes with a set of heavy duty racing brakes. Sometimes it has been supplied with a multi-tone siren or an impressive PA system. On occasion, such a vehicle might feature a set of LED strobe lights.

Armored SUV by DARTZ Motorz

At other times it has other customized modifications. They might be modifications to the SUV’s interior, or they might represent refinements to the bullet proof windows. While every armored SUV should have bullet proof window, not every such vehicle has gold plated windows, such as those found on the products coming out of the Dartz Motorz.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Armored Security Transport

The name of your company is one of the most important aspects of your marketing plan. You need your company name to not only give customers an understanding of what your company does, but it also needs to be memorable so clients will call you when they have a need. If you own an armored security transport company, then you will need to develop a name that tells the story of your company but is also something that customers will remember.

Brinks Armored Car Service

An armored security transport company name can be something direct and unassuming. If you choose to use the name “Armored Security Transport,” for example, then you are definitely telling the story of what your company does in the name. But that kind of a phrase is also a bit generic. When you create a generic company name, it tends to be forgotten easily by customers. There are a couple of ways you can use a generic armored transport name for your company and still make it something that clients will remember.

Armored Car for Sale

The best way to make a generic name memorable is to market it as an acronym. For example, the name “Armored Security Transport” may be more effective if marketed as “A.S.T.” Once again, you need to be careful not to get too generic with the acronym as well. People remember the F.B.I. because those initials are not common, the same goes for IBM. However, the acronym A.S.T. may be too common for people to remember.

To solve that problem, you incorporate the second element of developing a good name for your armored security transport company; your personal name.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bulletproof Vehicle Types

Bullet-proof vehicles have been around since the beginning of World War I. At that time, they were primarily used by the military to protect soldiers as they waged war. However, businesses and individuals quickly saw the value of the using armored cars and they have become a staple in both the commercial and private sectors.

Armored Toyota Fortuner

Although there are several manufacturers who specifically build armored cars, almost any car can be retrofitted with armor and bullet-proof glass. This retrofitting is expensive, however, and can cost upwards of $100,000. Whether you are a business or a private citizen, though, there are several different types of vehicles on the market you can purchase for your individual needs.

Armored Trucks – These bullet-proof vehicles are mostly used in the commercial sector to transport items of high dollar value including cash. They are also known as an armored cash transport car or a security van. The purpose of these trucks is to assist in defending against would be robbers.

Bulletproof Vehicles

In addition to bullet-proof glass and reinforced shell, the armored truck usually carries armed passengers whose job it is transport and protect the valuables. Banks, jewelry stores, and casinos are the most common types of companies that use this type of protected transportation.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Armored Car Service - How to Hire the Best Service

There are many reasons why you would want to use an armored car service. Transportation of cash or high dollar valuables, like jewelry, is a common need. Those who feel they may be in danger while traveling will be best served by hiring a protection service. At last count, though, there were over 605 companies that provided this service in the United States alone.

Armored Car for Sale

Choosing the one that fits your needs best can be a challenge. You want to work with a company that you can trust will get the job done. Here are a few tips for finding the best one for you.

Armored Mercedes-Benz E class

The industry is filled with both big name and small business operations that provide an armored car service. The first thing you need to consider is the reputation of the provider. Things happen that are beyond the control of the company so no one is going to have a 100% good reputation no matter what their marketing materials may say. However, you want to only work with those who sit in the high 90% percentile. You will be putting your trust this company with your valuables or your life. They need to show that they are able to consistently get the job done.

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