Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bulletproof Vehicles – Types of Vehicles Available

Bullet-proof vehicles have been around since the beginning of World War I. At that time, they were primarily used by the military to protect soldiers as they waged war. However, businesses and individuals quickly saw the value of the using armored cars and they have become a staple in both the commercial and private sectors. Although there are several manufacturers who specifically build armored cars, almost any car can be retrofitted with armor and bullet-proof glass. This retrofitting is expensive, however, and can cost upwards of $100,000. Whether you are a business or a private citizen, though, there are several different types of vehicles on the market you can purchase for your individual needs.

Bulletproof Vehicles
Armored Trucks – These bullet-proof vehicles are mostly used in the commercial sector to transport items of high dollar value including cash. They are also known as an armored cash transport car or a security van. The purpose of these trucks is to assist in defending against would be robbers. In addition to bullet-proof glass and reinforced shell, the armored truck usually carries armed passengers whose job it is transport and protect the valuables. Banks, jewelry stores, and casinos are the most common types of companies that use this type of protected transportation.

Armored Cars – These are a favorite of private citizens and government officials because they are inconspicuous. They look like regular cars. However, bullet-proof vehicles are manufactured or retrofitted with bullet-proof glass and armor. The armor is installed in-between the cars panels. Most have heavily tinted windows which make it difficult to see who is in the car. Generally, the purpose of these cars is to fend off assassination or hijacking attempts. Like armored cars, they may be staffed with armed personnel whose duty is to protect the passengers from probable harm. High ranking government officials, like the President of the United States, and wealthy citizens are the major users of armored cars.

Armored SUVs – United States President Obama made headlines when he commissioned the development of the presidential SUV, also known as Cadillac One or The Beast, because it deviated from the limousines and sedans used by previous presidents. These bullet-proof vehicles are essentially the same as an armored car except it provides the benefits of a SUV.

Generally, they offer more interior space and can handle adverse weather conditions better than a standard vehicle. They are also a lot more stylish than regular cars, which is why many wealthy citizens are attracted to them as well.

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