Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Resurrecting Moby Dick’s Strength: the Armored SUV

No reader of the classical tale Moby Dick can doubt the strength of the book’s central character, a huge, sea dwelling mammal. Therefore, it seems only right to underscore the connection between that fearsome whale and the armored SUV. One factory in Russia has helped to highlight that connection.

The Dartz Factory turns out thousands of armored SUVs. Each of those vehicles has a grandissmus lining. The material in that lining comes from a part of the whale, a part often called the “cassock.” It happens to be the whale’s penis.
Dartz Factory Armored Vehicle
The unique lining in Dartz’ SUVs demonstrates the extent to which any of these large armored vehicles can be furnished with one or more accessories. Sometimes an armored SUV comes with a set of heavy duty racing brakes. Sometimes it has been supplied with a multi-tone siren or an impressive PA system. On occasion, such a vehicle might feature a set of LED strobe lights.

At other times it has other customized modifications. They might be modifications to the SUV’s interior, or they might represent refinements to the bullet proof windows. While every armored SUV should have bullet proof window, not every such vehicle has gold plated windows, such as those found on the products coming out of the Dartz Factory.
Each of those items helps to underline the extent to which a well-armored SUV can be a combination of both luxury and security. In fact, it is that very combination of qualities that fills the specific needs of those that make a habit of riding around in extra safe SUVs. The occupants of such extra safe vehicles are the sort of people that might be the target of an attack.

They might be politicians or CEOs. They might be those that hold government contracts or those that head a well-known financial institution. Any of those riders might be some sort of sports star. He or she would most certainly have earned the designation of VIP. He or she would not hesitate to spend money on a four wheeled vehicle such as those that come out of the Dartz Factory.

VIPs welcome the extras that are found on so many armored SUVs. They include things like tungsten gauges, gauges with a gold trim. They also include things like a ruby or diamond decorated interior. Of course, such gemstones overlay an impressive and comfortable material. They lend a touch of beauty to that appealing yet durable material.

They shine a spotlight on the extent to which all of the extra secure SUVs represent the perfect mix of safety and luxury. That mix allows those with money and influence to travel from place to place. Moreover, it makes certain that such travels do not force the abandonment of expected pleasures.

While the chance to sit on grandissmus should not necessarily be viewed as an “expected pleasure,” it does demonstrate a marked luxuriousness. It accentuates the luxuriousness of the lifestyle that has been supported and encouraged by development of the armored SUV.

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