Friday, March 06, 2015

How Armored Trucks Work

When thinking about an armored truck probably one of those army drab green or sand color trucks will come to mind. These armored trucks protect men and women in the service of their country all over the world. Makes a person wonder about if other people and other occupations have armored trucks. We also know about the Cash in Transit armored trucks for Brinks, Loomis, and Wells Fargo companies. We know that law enforcement with their special agencies often use armored trucks. As it turns out there are many types of armored trucks. These armored trucks can be made to be used as tactical vehicles, special purpose vehicles, and civilian vehicles.

Armored trucks can and will be designed by the customers’ exact specifications, and designs are only given after personal discussion with potential customers to evaluate the particular needs. Customers’ operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that the truck yields maximum safety for both crew and cargo. Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored trucks require different protection.

The Multiple Features on Bullet Proof Vehicles

As VIPs and wealthy billionaires ride around in their bulletproof vehicles, they see the world through tinted windows. That tinting represents but one of the multiple features on each bulletproof motored vehicle.

From the outside, motorists and pedestrians cannot detect the ability of a car to resist the impact of a speeding projectile. Transformation of a conventional car into an “attack ready” machine calls for replacement of the materials inside of the car’s side panels and doors. From the outside, that transformed vehicle has an unchanged appearance.

The bullet-stopping materials that get squeezed into the available space in the car’s side panels and doors are far heavier than what was originally used to fill that same space. That fact explains the need for another important feature, one found in every “attack-ready” set of wheels. That additional feature gets hidden under the hood. It is the vehicle’s extra powerful engine.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Heavy Duty Truck Parts - Heavy Duty Toughness

Consumers who buy heavy duty trucks do so because they have a job to do. Heavy duty trucks are the workers of the automotive industry. They haul, carry, lift, and move heavy objects on a daily basis. Heavy duty trucks need the best heavy duty truck parts that are available. Heavy duty trucks have to be dependable and reliable to meet the demands of their drivers.

The best heavy duty truck parts do not bend or break under pressure. Differentials, door shafts, axles, fuel tanks, and radiators are just some of the truck parts that are necessary to keep a truck running smoothly. When you go out on your job, you want to be able to depend on your truck to carry the load. If your truck has low quality, flimsy parts, it is liable to break down just when you need it to perform the most. You can prevent this from happening by purchasing the correct parts for your vehicle.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Used Armored Cars For Sale

What kind of companies or people would be interested in used armored cars for sale? Once you can answer that question, you can then determine what kind of marketing to create and where to focus your marketing. Like any other vehicle sales marketing campaign, if you can determine your target audience in advance then you are better equipped to develop effective advertising materials.
Used Armored Cars For Sale

One of the obvious potential customers for used armored cars is security organizations that deal in the transportation of valuables and cash. It can be much more cost effective for a growing security company to buy used armored vehicles than used ones. One of the responsibilities of the seller in this case would be to make sure that the armored car meets the specifications of the buyer. Before offering to show a used armored car to a security company, ask them for a clear description of their specifications. If your vehicle meets the specifications, then you are able to show it. If it does not meet them, then you will need to discuss the differences with the buyer before showing the vehicle.
Armored Car

Other potential customers for used armored vehicles are personal security and bodyguard organizations. One of the ways that important people can be safely transported without bringing on attention is in an armored vehicle. Anyone wishing to do harm to the celebrity would not suspect that an armored vehicle that is marked as such would be carrying a human being.